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Our mission is to make Green Country streets and sidewalks safer for everyone.

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Advocates for Safe travel

We may be on the road for different reasons, but we all want one thing: to get where we’re going safely.

Travel with Care is a public awareness campaign from INCOG and the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO). Our goal is to provide resources and education to the public to keep our citizens safe on their journeys, regardless of their choice of transportation or distance to travel.

We strive to make northeast Oklahoma a lively and active community that provides safe and convenient transportation options to all citizens. Let’s work together to travel with care.
Real People


It’s time to stop and think about it. What if it was you, or someone you love?
“ The driver wasn’t paying attention and slammed into me…Other than being banged up, sore and bruised I was okay but the “what-ifs” are what eat away at you. Sometimes those people on bikes are your kids’ doctor, the firefighter who would show up on a scene of your next car wreck, a future employer. ”

Natalie Cagle

Read more of Natalie’s story and why she takes safety on the road so seriously – and why you should too.

Prioritizing people

Safety first! Everyone wants a smooth ride, but we know things can come up. Make sure you’re prepared for all possibilities and you understand the rules of the road the before you get going.
Seatbelt on? Check. Tires aired up? Yes. Mirrors in position? Done. Before you get on the road, make sure you’re prepared for a safe drive.
The sun on your face, the wind at your back, and the breeze through your helmet––a well-fitted one, at that. And don’t forget your lights at night!
Sunscreen isn’t the only thing to put on before you step outside. Wear bright colors so you’re visible to those around you and put on comfortable, well-fitting shoes with good traction.

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