Drive Alert

As the captain of your car, it's your duty to act responsibly behind the wheel. Drive like your family is in the car or on the bicycle next to you.

Motorist Safety Tips

Walk Aware

Pay attention to your surroundings and give nonverbal signals to the drivers and bicyclists around you to let them know where you're headed.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

Ride Safe

When bicycling, it's up to you to make sure you ride your bicycle in a way that makes others around you comfortable. Treat yourself as a vehicle.

Bike & EScooter Safety Tips

Travel with Care

Working towards a safer community for all — drivers, cyclists, runners, and pedestrians. Remember that the person walking/running or riding a bicycle, could be your father, mother, sister, brother, daughter, son, or your best friend!

Our Mission

Walk Bike Tulsa

Dedicated to making Tulsa a livable community that provides safe and convenient transportation choices to all citizens, whether it's by walking, bicycling, transit, or driving — A city that gives safe and convenient options for all.

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Travel with Care Partners

Together we can promote a safer city for all user groups. These organizations, and others, are leading the charge for friendlier roadways.

Walk Bike Tulsa
Humble Sons Bike Company
Bike Club
Bike Tulsa
This Machine