Tiffany Smith

My name is Tiffany Smith and I live in the North Star neighborhood, which is directly behind the Northland Shopping Center. I have lived in Tulsa 30 years. I work at Anderson Elementary School, it's about three or four miles from the North Star neighborhood.

I have three children; one is at Monroe Duel Immersion; one is at Monroe Demonstration and one at Mark Twain. I drive my kids to school, but in the afternoon two of them ride the bus home.

The roads are okay in my neighborhood, but the sidewalk situation could be better; they've improved since the Tisdale Clinic has been here. Before the clinic was constructed, you had to walk in the pot-holed parking lot because there were no sidewalks. There was a sidewalk on the other side of the street, but it did not go all the way down the street. Now, there are sidewalks, and you don't have to worry about walking in the street.

In the North Star neighborhood, there are no sidewalks for the kids to walk on, so they walk to school in the streets, or walking in people's yards to get to Walt Whitman. Once they cross Hartford, there are sidewalks, but on this side of Hartford there are no sidewalks.

As a parent, I'm more cautious about where I let my children walk because in this area there's not a lot of crosswalks, there's not a lot of stop signs, and there's not a lot of crossing signals. I have to be careful of where I let them walk because there are not sidewalks on both sides of the street.

Our neighborhood is mostly old people. One lady has been walking my whole life, and she is always walking really close to the curb. I saw her almost get hit because there are no sidewalks. In some of the areas where there are sidewalks, it's on one side of the street, and it's only partially on that side.

I think we need more sidewalks. We need to make it more walkable, and even if people don't want to walk, they still need to have the option to be able to walk in a safe place.

My name is Tiffany Smith and I live in the North Star neighborhood, which is directly behind the old Northland Shopping Center. We need sidewalks to keep people safe, and they need to be all on one side of the street.

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